Estêvão Ciavatta presents the 'Amazônia viva' film at the Norwegian Embassy

"Amazônia viva", a film by Estêvão Ciavatta, was presented at the Norwegian Embassy in Brasilia. The ambassador, Odd Magne Ruud, and Marina Silva are featured on the photo with him. The film will now be launched at the Rio Innovation Week, which takes place at Pier Mauá.

The film presents, through virtual reality, an immersive experience along the Tapajós River region.

The director had already worked in the region in the documentary "Amazônia Sociedade Anônima" (2019). The documentary showed how, in the face of the Brazilian government's failure to protect the Amazon, Indigenous peoples and riverside dwellers faced land theft and illegal deforestation mafias.

Recently, the director sold "Amazon Society Anonymous" to RAI to show it in Italy, the Vatican, Malta, Monaco, and Switzerland.